Housing For All Calvert (HFAC)


Housing For All Calvert is a coalition of faith communities, county agencies, organizations and concerned citizens who are working together to assure more affordable housing for all Calvert citizens.

HFAC has researched the affordable housing issue and come up with proposals to provide more affordable housing for Calvert citizens.

Please see Our Proposals. These proposals are suggested actions that could help the county reach goals for more affordable, workforce and low-income housing.



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Here are just a few of the comments that the rally participants wrote on their postcards to the County Commissioners:

"I am a native of this County and I am very disappointed of the unfairness the low income people receive in this County."

"Because of the lack of Affordable Housing, our children grow up and are educated here, yet they have to relocate in order to buy homes."

"There are several issues to address, even though Calvert County has put good effort toward this issue; there is a need for senior residents in family homes for care, transitional housing for those who can't afford to buy or rent due to low job income, and single room occupancy space for those who are inappropriate for other shelter. Let us put our hearts and minds together to resolve these issues."

"As a native of Calvert County, I feel that it's such a disgrace not to
be able to build or buy a house (affordable) in the County in which I resided in all of my life, but others come into the County and get a home overnight."

YOU can make a difference. . .
TOGETHER we can make a better community
for everyone!

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